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  • Helmuth Malonek

    Full Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal

    Research interests: complex and hypercomplex analysis, function theory, approximation theory, orthogonal polynomials, discrete analysis, numerical analysis and differential equations.

    • coordinator of OTHA conference session Complex and hypercomplex analysis.
    • editor of the series of OTHA conference books.

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  • Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis

    Full Professor, University of Padua, Italy

    Research interests: problems of linear and nonlinear analysis, differential and integral equations, spectral theory, complex variable, potential theory, harmonic analysis.

    • delivered a series of online lectures for students and postgraduates in 2020-2021

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  • Yakov M. Erusalimskiy

    Professor, Southern Federal University, Russia

    Research interests: multiplicative discrete convolution operators, graph theory and algorithms on graphs, graphs with restrictions on achievability, combinatorics.

    • delivered a series of online lectures in 2020;
    • published a book “This is a “simple” and “beautiful” math” with the support from RMC.

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  • Suheil Khoury
    Professor of Mathematics, American University of Sharjah, UAE
    Research interests: differential equations, numerical analysis, mathematical fluid dynamics, boundary-value problems, spline collocation methods, scientific computing, solitons
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    • plenary speaker of the OTHA conference series.

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  • Armenak Babayan
    Professor, National Polytechnic University, Armenia
    Research interests: differential equations, complex analysis, numerical
    • delivered a series of online lectures for students and postgraduates in 2022.
  • Adolf Mirotin

    Doctor of Science

    Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Gomel, Belarus

    Research interests: operator theory, abstract harmonic analysis

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  • Armen Kamalyan
    Professor, Yerevan State University, IM NAS RA, Armenia
    Research interests: Fredholm operators
  • Evgeny Berezhnoy
    Head of the Department of Differential Equations, Yaroslavl State University, Russia

    Research interests:

    Two-weight estimates of the integration operator


  • Elijah Liflyand

    Professor of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

    Research interests: harmonic analysis, approximation theory, functions of several complex variables

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  • Natasha Samko

    UiT The Arctic University of Norway

    Research interests: weight boundedness of some sublinear operators in generalized Morrie spaces on quasi-metric spaces with measure under growth condition, commutators of weighted fractional Hardy operators on generalized Morrie spaces over quasi-metric spaces with measure

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  • Alexey Karlovich

    Universidade Nova de Lisboa

    Research interests:

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  • Fernando León-Saavedra

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Research interests:

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  • Hugo Campos

    Yachay Tech University, Ecuador

    Research interests:

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  • Smbat Aghekyan

    Institute of Mathematics of the NAS RA, Armenia

    Research interests: Rieman boundary problem, Lebesgue spaces, continuous functions.

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  • Victor Vicente

    PhD student

    CINVESTAV, Mexico

    Research interests: radial Schroedinger equations, transmutation operators.

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