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Armen Jerbashian
Institute of Mathematics, University of Antioquia,

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Research interests
In general, my research interests are in Complex Analysis, Fractional Calculus and Operator Theory, while more exactly in construction of some new weighted spaces of in a sense regular functions in the canonical domains of the complex plane, namely the most general, omega-weighted classes and Banach or Hilbert spaces of Holomorphic, harmonic, subharmonic and delta-subharmonic functions in the disc, half-plane and the finite complex plane, and investigation of latter’s properties.

The previous results

  • A monograph In Springer, Advances in Complex Analysis and Applications (2005), where I introduced and investigated some classes and spaces of the mentioned type for the simple, common case of power weights in the half-plane;
  • 50 publications. These include more than 15 works published in some famous international journals and, as chapters, in Birkhauser (Switzerland) and Springer books, where different parts of the new theory with arbitrary acceptable weights are constructed in all mentioned canonical domains.
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