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Oleg Avsyankin

Doctor of Science

Head of Department, Institute of Mathematics Mechanic and Computer Sciences SFedU,

Chief Researcher, Regional Mathematical Center SFedU, Russia

He is head of the Department of Differential and Intergral Equations of SFedU. In 1997 he defended PhD thesis entitled “Multidimentional Integral Operators with Homogenous Kernels” (specialty 01.01.01), in 2009 he defended doctoral thesis entitled “Development of Theory of Multidimensional Integral Operators with Homogenous and Bi-homogenous Kernels” (specialty 01.01.01). He has published several textbooks and devised new educational programs that vary in levels of complexity. He has been working in scientific and academic fields for 24 years. He published over 90 research papers, including 27 works indexed in Scopus and Web of Science journals. His research interests lie in integral operators and equations with homogenous kernels, convolution operator, integral operators with periodic kernels, Banach algebras of operators, projection methods for solving operator equations, Morrey type spaces. Oleg Gennadievich is a member of SFedU degree committee 06.01 and expert council “Mathematics, Mechanics and Computing” (SFedU). He is head of postgraduate course 01.06.01 “Mathematics and Mechanics” (2018). He is co-chair of the organizing committee of the international conference “Contemporary Methods and Problems of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis and Their Applications”, a member of the organizing committee of VII-IX International Conferences “Mathematics. Economics. Education”. He is a jury member of the annual conference “Don Academy of Science of Young Researchers”. He speaks Russian and English.
The international scientific (offline) workshop OTHA Spring 2022 was held on 25-26, 28 April 2022 in Southern Federal University, Russia. The aim of the OTHA workshops is to exchange the recent progress and ideas in the field of operator theory and harmonic analysis, and their applications to a variety of concrete problems. Oleg Avsyankin - Multidimensional integral operators with biodomain kernels.
OTHA Fall 2021
Avsyankin Oleg
Avsyankin Oleg - Multiplicative discrete convolution operators.
The international scientific offline workshop OTHA Fall 2021 on operator theory and harmonic analysis and their applications (14-16 December 2021, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia). The conference program includes invited talks and talks of young scientists.
The site of OTHA Fall 2021:
OTHA Fall 2021
Avsyankin Oleg
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