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Zhirayr Avetisyan

Department of Mathematics, UC Santa Barbara, USA and Regional Mathematical Center of Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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Research interests
Analysis of PDEs and harmonic analysis
  • PDOs and ΨDOs on curved manifolds and microlocal analysis
  • Commutative non-Euclidean Fourier analysis and its relation with quantum integrability
  • Non-commutative harmonic analysis and global quantization on groups, homogeneous spaces and more general manifolds
  • The correspondence between harmonic analysis and spectral theory
  • Harmonic and spectral analysis on almost Abelian groups and homogeneous spaces
Mathematical physics
  • QFT in curved spacetimes and mathematical cosmology
  • Elementary particle states in homogeneous cosmological spacetimes
  • Quantum integrability and quantization of non-linear systems
The conference “Modern Methods, Problems and Applications of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis-X (OTHA 2021)”.
Avetisyan Zhirayr - The resolvent of a first order system and spectral asymptotics.
Avetisyan Zhirayr
Avetisyan Zhirayr - Homogeneous operators and homogeneous integral operators.
The international scientific offline workshop OTHA Fall 2021 on operator theory and harmonic analysis and their applications (14-16 December 2021, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia). The conference program includes invited talks and talks of young scientists.
The site of OTHA Fall 2021:
OTHA Fall 2021
Avetisyan Zhirayr
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