Research in Pairs

The participation in the program is offered to students in mathematical sciences at all educational levels - Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral – that are neither SFEDU students nor students of university (scientific organization) with which the potential scientific advisor is affiliated.

The main idea and the beneficiaries

The main idea of the Research in Pairs project is to form an international network of leading researchers from different countries in order to offer undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to work on research problems in collaboration.

The main beneficiaries of this programme are students, for whom the proposed annual or semiannual research activities offer the following advantages:

  • Students with little to no research experience in a given subject can try their hand by choosing an interesting topic to work on and improve their research skills. More advanced students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field by collaborating with an expert of their choice.
  • Outcomes of a successful research project, on the recommendation of the scientific advisor, can result in a publication in top-rated journals.
  • Students will receive a certificate from the Regional Mathematical Center (RMC) of Southern Federal University that can be used in their CVs.
  • Successful students can receive financial support from the RMC, conditional on the director’s approval and availability of funds. The amount of support will depend on the demonstrated research progress.
  • Students will have the opportunity to present their research findings at different conferences, workshops etc., conducted by the RMC and partners.
  • A successful project can be continued, for instance, by further research work within the RMC or/and in collaboration with the faculty at the RMC.
  • Also, there is an opportunity to participate in short-term or long-term fellowship programs at Russian of foreign universities, where students can continue their studies or research.
  • Finally, there are other opportunities for supporting successful research students in the framework of the RMC projects.

The core of the program

A dynamically updated international board of Coordinating Researchers from the Russian and foreign partners of the RMC - leading researchers in different fields of mathematics - initiates and coordinates mathematical research projects of the Research in Pairs program.

Each Coordinating Researcher sets forth a number of research objectives at different educational levels in the area of his or her scientific interests. Further research objectives can be discussed in accordance with student’s educational qualifications.

After reviewing the offered research projects and program requirements, the student submits an application on this site to one or two Coordinating Researchers.The applications are considered on a competitive basis. If and when the application is approved, the student is enrolled at the RMC as a research trainee and can begin their research activities in collaboration with chosen Coordinating Researcher(s).

The program time frame

There are no deadlines for initiating and completing the research. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Upon receiving an application, the decision on including the student in the program is normally made within one or two weeks.

It is expected that the student can obtain certain results in his or her research within a period of 6 months.

In each particular case, after the initial six-month period an individual decision is made about the prolongation of the research. However, the student can participate in the RMC events without waiting for the outcome of this 6-month period.

Note that a student's participation in the program can be suspended on the recommendation of the scientific advisor in case of extended periods of inactivity or lack of progress on the research objectives.
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